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      Who is Managing your day to day IT responsibilities?
Compute Asyst delivers a detailed Managed Service solution for customers that offers a dedicated focus on reliability, performance analysis, and long term care for all technology requirements. Review the managed services provided below to find out how Compute Asyst can improve day to day managed responsibilities:

24/7 Critical Service Monitoring - Most servers are performing 50-100 jobs at a given time. We monitor that performance using software that we install on your server. If a critical task turns off for some reason, our monitoring software sends an alert. Our engineers attempt to restart the critical process or issue a break/fix ticket if it cannot be quickly restored.

Event Log Monitoring - Most events that happen on a server are recorded in an event log. Our software monitors all of those logs. If a critical event occurs our engineers are notified by the system. They then make a determination as to what action should be taken.

Patch Management - Patches are bug fixes released by major software companies like Microsoft. With our managed services program these patches are analyzed, tested, researched and categorized. If the patches are categorized as appropriate and safe, the patches are deployed to your server or desktop.

Best Practice Monitoring - For specific server roles such as SQL server there are recommended or best practice, system configurations. Our software analyzes the server roles and compares those to best practice recommendations. Our engineers are alerted when there are discrepancies.

Performance Analysis - Performance bench marks are determined by using this software. For example we can know at a glance how much CPU memory your server has left. This kind of information gives your CCP Engineer a clear picture regarding the health of your server. This is a major benefit because it shows us how your server is handling the work load of your office. It helps us identify and resolve bottle necks in your system performance. Over the years this saves money because you are not buying new equipment as often and you get the most out of your server investment.

Backup Management - The companies that we work with typically use two types of backup. The most common is Symantec Backup Exec. The better solution is the NAS/BDR. Our managed services software integrates with both types. This software gives us tools that indicate a successful or failed backup process each day. We analyze failed backups so that we may quickly resolve any critical path issues.

Remote Break/Fix Support - In most cases our engineers can work on your system via the internet. Since we do not have to travel to your office this method saves time and money.

On Site Break/Fix Support - We are now able to attend to the majority of your computer issues remotely but in the event that we need to visit your office our engineers are always "on call".

User Administration - Our staff will need to regularly add and remove people from your system. We reset passwords, security rights, user rights and assign new passwords as needed.

Temporary File Removal – We remove temporary files, temp windows files and temp internet files from your desktops to improve speed and performance.

Application Rollout & Repair – Engineers can deploy and repair desktop software remotely. This saves the cost of a site visit and greatly expedites the installation process.

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